About Ripley

Ripley is a rescue Dachshund / Pug / Chihuahua mix.  She learned every trick her human knew how to teach in the first week, so we tried puzzles next.  It turns out Ripley is a puzzle champ and she’s always excited to try a new one.  We started purchasing and playing with all the puzzles we could find, then building puzzles ourselves, and now Ripley often creates puzzles herself.


Ripley is named after the Sigourney Weaver character in the Alien movies: Smart, female, beautiful, and tough!  She even has a sidekick named Newt to match. 


Millions of people around the world have watched Ripley solve puzzles on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.  If you’re thinking, “Hey!  We have to try puzzles with our own pup!” then you’re not alone.  The most common comment we receive is about how Ripley can share her puzzles with the world.  And why not?  All dogs enjoy playing and learning with their humans.  Some pups love to fetch a ball.  Others are more interested in retrieving a yummy treat.  Some are fast learners.  Others like to take their time.  But one thing we all have in common:  tapping into our imagination and creativity keeps us active, learning, and entertained.  So that is our mission:  Brain Games For Your Best Friend!